Each of our Awareness Accessories and Apparel represents a different cause. 15% of your purchase is donated to charitable initiatives around the world

Hello I’m Maurice Teachey, the Founder of The World Awareness Challenge or TWACH. Where we challenge you to elevate your awareness level by supporting those causes that impact us all. For the past 28yrs while working as a DC Firefighter, I discovered a major awareness gap amongst my peers, family and my community. TWACH intends to bridge this gap with a solution forward approach. Whereby becoming a 365 Socially Conscience and 24/7 Cause – Driven Community Beacon. I’ve basically designed wearable products geared to engage and ignite awareness. Our Awareness Accessories and Apparel are a symbol of your support and provides a beacon of hope. Each unique design represents a different cause, where we donate 15% of every sale back to charity. But we need your help to ensure no child goes missing, no woman is left to fight Breast Cancer alone, that no Veteran is ever abandoned and the voiceless are heard.


Maurice Teachey, founder of TWACH with his unit.

Running behind fire trucks as a kid, Maurice, like most kids fell in love with watching his local fire department spring into action. He had no notion that one day he would be called upon to join the local high school cadet program that would forever change the shape of his life. Growing up in an impoverished ridden community in Washington, D.C. with his single mother and five siblings, Maurice decided at an early age to take every life experience as a lesson to Be Better and to Do Better.

TWACH Founder, Maurice Teachey Pictured 2nd from the right

As a Washington, DC First Responder, Maurice is emotionally invested in those he serves. Children, Veterans, the elderly and the homeless weigh a bit heavier on his heart. These citizens are often the neediest and the ones who announce feelings of defeat and despair about their quality of life overall.  Called upon daily to be the hero, a Firefighter’s training and ability does not resolve the greater issues our citizens’ face socioeconomically, physically, educationally, and medically.

Feeling helpless and discouraged, Maurice vowed to become a change agent to better the lives of those he interacts with every day.

There are 300 million Americans in the United States alone, and if each of us gave just a little and took care of our immediate communities, we could make a global difference.

Maurice values personal accountability which is what inspired “The World Awareness Challenge”.

“I have a constant reminder of those who helped me get to where I am today and I am obligated to reciprocate and pay it forward. I don’t wish to just invest money, I wish to invest in people. I will be the change I want to see in the world.” -Maurice Teachey