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Planet Green Charity Watch

We depend on this planet for survival, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. It is our mission to support, nurture, and empower communities and individuals of all ages to secure a better quality of life.

  • America is the number one producer of greenhouse gasses in the world.
  • Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kills as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year!
  • Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper is thrown away every year in the U.S.

We have an individual moral and social responsibility to be conscious about the footprints we are leaving behind. Show your support and help us spread awareness with a socially conscious band that donates 15% back to local charities making an impact on our communities in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

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The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years. Small consistent changes have a big impact. Everyone plays an important part in keeping the environment clean and safe. This means you can do so much and probably more than you think that you can. Going green can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles that will help protect the environment and sustain natural resources. However, we’re late to the game and while every change helps we have to think bigger to reverse the damage that’s already been done. We need to help spread awareness and inform our communities.

We are committed to going green and fostering an idea for change and allowing it move you into action. Wear a band that shows your commitment to support, protect, and nurture our environment and helps us spread awareness for change.

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